Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Green Commuting - Day 1 - Mon 4 April

Ok, so I did 48km of local commuting on Monday, of which 40km was home to GF, home to office, home to gym, home to SRAM service centre, and all of these were suitable for green commuting.  the only exception was the trip to Menlyn Park to exchange clothing - no secure bike parking, and too much stuff to carry.  So the resuts for day 1:
1. Fuel saving:               R40.
2. Exercise value:          120min ~ 800kcal
3. Time lost:                  ~60min
4. Sustainability:            High

Commuting by bike and Foot

Ok, so I've decided to start looking at commuting under my own power.  This should be quite challenging because (a) I travel a helluva lot, (b) I'm a professional engineer who therefore needs to be dressed neatly, and have a laptop handy almost permanently, and (c) I hate being sweaty when I'm not actually exercising.
So the first part of this exercise will be to analyze my current commuting activities, log these and decide which I could have done without the car, and how practical it would be.  Also, what additional items I would need to purchase such as backpacks, bike locks, rain jackets, etc, and how soon these would be paid for by travel cost savings, and then of course analyze such items as security, safety, professionalism, cost of time lost, exercise value gained, possible cost savings simply because I didn't do something because of the "schlepp" thereof, risks (if I fall, what about the laptop).  If anyone has more items to comment on, please feel free to leave a comment.
Your (greener) blogger.

Monday, August 16, 2010


And again I have the privilege to ride with heroes!
Cat-i and Adri Ferrari, who just completed the Swazi-Extreme, and Leon vd Westhuizen teamed up with me to ride the Trans-Baviaans 230km single stage MTB ride, not even 5 days after the SwaziX, and with Leon's family just having had a new addition too!
And just when I think the ride is, well, about the ride, along comes Nicolien and shows me how dependent we are on our support crew!  And how much effort someone can put into seconding in order to make it all seem effortless.
I am enamored of of you all, great people, and proud to call you friends!

Swazi Extreme...

...was pretty extreme, and judging by the comments from participants of previous Swazi-X events, pretty extreme and long this time.
Nevertheless, again I had the privilege to participate with awesome people - Francois Steyl (Snr), Gerrit van Niekerk, Casper, and seconded by Francois (Jnr).  It never ceases to bewilder me what amazing people there are all around us, and these 4 people have all become big in my eyes, people who do more than they need to, who dig deeper than I thought they could, AND all the while keep smiling and cheerful.
I am privileged....

Monday, July 5, 2010

It's great to be alive!!!!

Bombing along an awesome singletrack in Groenkloof at full tilt, grin on my face, body tense as I push the bike as fast as I can thru the twisties, ducking a bush here and there, and I hear a voice behind me say "wheeeeeeee.............. it's great to be alive!".  The one and only Cat-i certainly got that right!
Thanks for reminding me how good it is.  I used to think the only thing I ever did that was totally trouble-free was to head out past the break on my surf board, but mountainbiking has certainly managed to get up there for me.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Never cease to be amazed by how many people perceive what I do for fun is "extreme"!  Kloofing at Tonquani, a few short ARs, yet in a meeting yesterday it was pointed out what extreme things I do for "fun".
I referred the people to Jaques (thespoonthatbends.blogspot.com) and Cat-I's (cyclingwith.blogspot.com) blogs just to show people how boring what I get up to really is, and what people I know and respect can actually get up to.
It's an honour and privilege to be surrounded by such amazing people!  but I'll be fixing the boring part for myself....watch this space!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Joberg2C Day 10

wait a minute, this is back to reality, no day 10 :-(

ok, so now it's time to take on the world again, a lot tougher than anything we faced the last 9 days or so, and a lot more hostile too!

Guess a little R&R is needed, body suddenly seems to have gone into shock and needs fluids like crazy, idunnowhy?